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What Veterans Can Expect From Veterans Assistance?


Veterans assistance services offer a range of support and benefits to veterans, aiming to address their various healthcare needs. It can be effective in improving their quality of life, safety, and health at home.

We offer home health care in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and here are a few things veterans can expect from healthcare services like our veterans assistance:

  • Comprehensive Healthcare for Veterans and Their Dependents
    Veterans assistance services are not only limited to the veteran. Services like personal care are also made available to their dependents, like their spouses or surviving spouses.
  • Specialized Services
    Veterans’ assistance can be far-reaching and varied. Many care providers offer specialized services for veterans, like in-home nursing care, to address unique health needs and requirements.
  • Mental Health Support
    Many veterans experience mental health issues like dementia, PTSD, depression, and chronic anxiety. Veterans assistance can help promote mental health and reduce the risks of mental health issues through services like our companion care in North Carolina.
  • Chronic Disease Management
    Veterans assistance services may include ongoing care and support for veterans with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, reducing the risks of complications and promoting comfort, independence, and dignity at home.

Veterans have sacrificed life and limb for our peace, freedom, and prosperity. They all deserve our respect and support. We offer healthcare services to help veterans and their dependents improve their quality of life at home. For more information about our home health care services, feel free to contact DEVOTED HOME HEALTH AGENCY, INC. at 919-948-9431.


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