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Does Your Loved One Need Medication Reminders?


Healthcare has come a long way, constantly working hard to provide medication and other treatment methods people can benefit from for their well-being. Especially with medications, come in different forms but are all created for one purpose: to achieve or maintain good health for everyone.

DEVOTED HOME HEALTH AGENCY, INC., a personal care provider, firmly believes that in order to heal from any health condition, adhering to medication is imperative. Certain situations in life can make following a doctor’s prescription a challenge, and that can compromise your loved one’s health and safety, such as the following:

  • Memory problems
    A majority of aging adults experience a decline in their cognitive health; some may even develop dementia.
  • Multiple medications
    A complicated medication regimen is a common issue among older people, which is mostly due to having various health concerns, and this can lead to confusion.
  • Problems with dexterity and vision
    Opening their prescription bottles and reading their labels is a big challenge for seniors who have blurry vision and weak hands.

Aside from the confusion they will experience, your loved one is likely to experience negative drug interactions due to taking multiple medications. Instead of the medications improving their health, they may even lead to serious complications and even hospitalization. With such risks, it is best to take preventive measures, such as seeking companion care in North Carolina.

By providing your loved one with our companion care services, we will ensure a positive and safe environment at all times. From meal preparation to medication reminders, we assure you that they are in good hands.

Our certified nursing assistants and aides are more than ready to take care of your loved one. Choose the best home health care in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, by calling us today at 919-948-9431.


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