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Is Home Clean and Safe Enough for Seniors?


Home is where everyone should feel most comfortable, and this becomes crucial as a person ages, especially for those who choose to spend their days in their own place of residence. To achieve that, an organized home is a must, and DEVOTED HOME HEALTH AGENCY, INC. is here to help through light housekeeping!

We aim to provide aging adults with no less than excellent home health care in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. For that to be possible, we put cleanliness as a top priority, so that home becomes a place of sanctuary where they can age gracefully and joyfully.

Maintaining a household becomes overwhelming for older people. As a provider of homemaking services, we know that cleaning a home requires making sure every nook and cranny is free from bacteria. Check on the following areas to ensure a senior’s safety:

  • High-touch surfaces
    This involves areas that people in the household touch daily, such as computer keyboards, faucets, light switches, and TV remotes.
  • Refrigerator
    This is where we store most of our food, so clean the fridge regularly, as substances can accumulate both inside and outside the fridge.
  • Laundry room
    Bacteria can grow in this area due to the dirty laundry, especially in the washing machine’s drain and washing drum.

Aside from ensuring that your home is clean and safe, we also offer personal care services where we assist aging adults in their daily activities, such as their personal hygiene routine. With us, we assure that seniors stay in good health at all times.

Our goal is to help them achieve the best possible quality of life as they age, and we are more than ready to be by their side. Get in touch with us for excellent companion care in North Carolina!


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